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Exceptional service, maximally professional, I recommend

Dejan Gojkovic

We rate kaya vip first class. Me and My wife were extremely happy with Their services my son and his Friend who arrived later were Also impressed. Can recommend Them as first class service and The professional service of mr Murat .

M. Koseoglu

Highly recommended with great communication and responsiveness at all times. Would definitely use again on any trip to Antalya.

Mike A.

We used Kaya VIP transfer both ways for our transfer from the Antalya airport to the hotel, we were happy with the service and value. The drivers were punctual on both occasions and the van is nice and comfortable.

Çagatay O.

Very good service and fair prices. They have Mercedes Vito and it is very comfortable. I will use it again. Thank you

Melissa Kazan C.

We have booked Kayavip from Antalya airport to our hotel in Kemer.Wonderful experience! Fast and professional driver,real joy as start and finish to our holiday

Dejan A.

Top Transfer service in Antalya.Reasonable price.

Sham Mis.

We used this service 3 times in Antalya. Great pricing fro the great service! Cars are very well prepared and the price is the way more reasonable than local taxis or travel companies. Thank you!

Dmitry M

Great company! Nice and clean cars, always on time and very comfortable option for transfer.

Angela A.