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As it can be understood from its name, Butterfly Valley is an island where more than 80 species of butterflies are inhabited. Did you know that this island, which you can see, is a private property according to the season of butterfly species that you have never seen in your life? It is possible to stay on this magnificent island, which is 200 km from Antalya to Fethiye and can be reached in 180 minutes, or to make a day trip. A hill where you can enjoy beautiful and quiet sunsets and pleasant nights as you can watch the shooting stars are waiting for you with Fethiye transfer.


Kayaköy is a pretty, sweet, rural village and you can witness the permissions of the past in this place with a long history. Imagine the past by looking at the ruins of the ancient city will allow you to have a beautiful day. In the village, there are several local restaurants and very stylish places where you can have a barbecue. Do not say that I saw Fethiye without going to Kayaköy, where you can climb to the top in about 1 hour and witness its unique view. 200 km from Antalya. This tour, which you can reach by transfer from Fethiye Antalya airport in about 180 minutes, will offer you a unique experience.


These rock tombs, which are 200 km from Antalya to Fethiye and can be reached in 180 minutes, are one of the symbols of the Lycian region. Although it is not a bit difficult to climb these temples dating back to the 4th century BC, you will see that it is worth it for the view of Fethiye you will see. Be sure to visit these monuments, which can easily be reached by the Antalya Fethiye transfer from the center of Fethiye.


If you want to see the most beautiful of blue, you should visit the famous beach of Fethiye. It is possible to reach this natural beauty, which is 209 km from Antalya city center, in 190 minutes by Fethiye Antalya transfer. It will immerse you in its perfect location, the sea-shaped (lagoon) interior and its still blue. It will be a unique choice for those who want to enjoy swimming in a fluttering, undulating sea and sunbathing on the beach.


This beach, where you will catch the most beautiful sunsets, will give you different tastes both day and night. Calis beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Fethiye, is 208 km from Antalya. It's away. You can walk for miles in 180 minutes with Antalya airport Fethiye transfer and spend time in restaurants. An unbeatable place to saturate every shade of blue and green with your family and friends.