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Dalaman Transfer

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the most beautiful from the preferred location for a holiday filled with the beauty of Turkey is Dalaman. Each corner has a different beauty and seeing these beauties enchants many local and foreign tourists.

How to Access Dalaman?

Transportation time to Dalaman, which is approximately 245 km from Antalya Airport, is approximately 200 minutes. Transportation to this town is frequently done by Antalya Dalaman transfer system. Because it is easy in two-way transportation and Dalaman Antalya transfer system is also provided. Another option is Antalya airport Dalaman transfer.

The distance between Antalya airport and Dalaman is approximately 256 km, and people who will have a holiday here can also make transfer to Dalaman Antalya airport. There is also an airport in Dalaman, so transportation is not a problem. People who reach Dalaman by plane can use the more convenient and comfortable Dalaman transfer system instead of paying high fees by taxi to the center.

Places to Visit in Dalaman

One of the must-see places is Dalaman Stream, which is about 15 km from the center of Dalaman. Dalaman River is one of Turkey's most appropriate to the rafting center. It is also a pleasure to watch the people who do rafting as well as rafting. There are many fish places to eat and souvenirs to visit near Dalaman Stream. Many local and foreign tourists have a holiday in Dalaman, but according to the hotel researches, it is understood that it is a holiday destination that has become the center of attention of foreign tourists. It is also possible to make boat trips to many places in Dalaman.

Sarigerme Beach with Unique View

Sarigerme is a beach that should not be visited until you see neighboring Dalaman. There are olive trees and plenty of green areas along the road. Sarigerme beach is located in Sarigerme Village. It has a long sandy beach and a different mystical environment with pine forests. The beach is kept clean and pleases the tourists with the blue tone of the sea.

In addition to all these, he must go to Dalaman and be eaten in the food of that region. Dalaman will amaze itself with its natural beauty, beaches, gift shops and fresh fish.