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Bodrum Transfer

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Tens of thousands of people flock here every year using the Bodrum Antalya airport transfer line. The basement that fascinates people with its natural beauties is unique.

Bodrum castle

Bodrum castle, which is a very rooted structure, was built in 1522. The castle is quite large. It contains many architectures such as Turkish bath, cycle hall and pine wreck hall. Bodrum underwater archaeological museum is also a unique place for tourists. This underwater archeology museum is open to visitors at any time of the year. Transportation can be easily provided by Bodrum transfer line.

Halicarnassus Mausoleum

Built in ancient times, the castle was built by King Mousolos. Currently, this structure is one of the seven wonders of the world. In architecture, it is possible to see ruins, engravings and traditions from Greek and Egyptian architecture. This building, which is very popular today, also hosts many architectural works. It can be easily reached by the Antalya bodrum transfer line to be used from the center. Domestic and foreign tourists of all ages can easily take advantage of this opportunity.

ancient theater

The ancient theater is the only Classic tea product in the basement that has survived to the present day. Thanks to this feature, it is still the only ancient theater that can still be intact in huge Anatolia. The restoration process was started in 1960. It is a building with a capacity of 13 thousand people. It is home to concerts, theaters or special events in certain periods of the year. Thanks to the Bodrum Antalya transfer line, visitors can easily reach here and discover all kinds of natural and artificial beauties.

Rabbit Island

The location of the Rabbit Island is exactly in Gümüşlük Bay and its surroundings. It has a unique view especially during sunset. Local and foreign tourists flocking to this region, who want to watch the sunset. Some swimming lovers can swim to reach this island. Thanks to this feature, which is most liked by swimming lovers, it is visited not only by tourists, but also by sports lovers. For this reason, Antalya airport Bodrum transfer line serves people from all walks of life.