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Tour Transport Service

Some experienced and reliable companies, service, transportation, staff transport along with industry, student transport, VIP transport, tourism transportation encountered in the area of increasing demands and needs in parallel, also in this area of service together with a fleet of specially equipped vehicles and friendly staff. Our country's tourism paradise, Antalya, the Pearl of the Mediterranean, can enjoy a pleasant tour experience with VIP transfer companies offering the highest quality tourist transportation services to their customers.

Leading Company In Tourist Transportation

If you want to get tourist transportation service for Antalya and its districts, Kaya Vip service is one of the leading companies of the region. Kaya VIP Transfer, which reaches millions with its customer satisfaction oriented service approach, is a company that aims to provide reliable and convenient transportation in tourism transportation service. With a large fleet of vehicles bearing the latest VIP model standards, it offers tourist transportation to best serve its customers. With D2 authorization certificate and tursab certificate, the company is always one step ahead of other VIP transfer companies with its service difference.

Convenient transportation with Kaya Vip transfer

Today, Air Transport is ahead of road and rail transport, thanks to features such as reliability, comfort and quick access to holiday destinations and business travellers. Just as there is no rail transport with each, road transport can take long hours or even days. For those who want to save time and use time effectively, so airlines are the best alternative. Once you've bought a plane ticket and landed at the right Airport, all you have to do is get in your Rock-Vip transfer car.  

Online Booking

Before you arrive in Antalya by plane, you can book online via Kaya VIP online transfer system and once you land you will take your luxury cars and go to your destination. Those who have not yet booked in advance can re-purchase the VIP transfer service by contacting the authorized representatives of Kaya'S VIP transfer company. They can also benefit from services such as car and Driver Hire. Hotels, business centres, congresses and historical sites are accessible by means of sightseeing vehicles, which are provided by luxury cars.